Short Film / Drama

Quote Rosa

While a ruthless murder is taking place in Mexico, Donna Nina is reeling from her own wedding celebrated the previous evening, during which she discovered that the newlywed has been cheating on her for some time with Donna Irene, wife of Peppino O’Poeta, the dauphin of the rival mob clan. Nina, still wearing her wedding dress, goes to O’Poeta himself to seek help in getting revenge. The young man, however, does not seem to be the right candidate and, on the contrary, threatens to kill the girl.

What saves Nina’s life is the intervention of Tonino O’Macellaio, undisputed boss of the Neapolitan underworld and Peppino’s father. To ally with her is, unexpectedly, Donna Elvira, Peppino’s mother and Tonino’s wife. Finally Gustavo, the Mexican murderer is the one who gives her the opportunity to get what she wants.

During a morning when everyone turns out to want a life other than the one they have, a story unfolds in which Mafia is the cage from which no one can escape, but also the weapon to defeat the most conservative traditions and reclaim one’s own freedom.




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