Feature Film / Drama

Il mio miglior amico

Guido is a thirteen-year-old boy, intelligent but weak and shy, he lives in Venice, where his father is a famous lawyer of noble origins. His sweet mother, who is just a bit classist, sees a bright future for him with a nice degree and a social position like a 1980s whisky advertising. One summer he goes to a scout camp in the Dolomites and there he meets his best friend: Gualtiero. He also has a quite ‘cumbersome’ mother; he is not stupid, but he is not a peak either, and he is fearless. Perhaps because he doesn’t have all his marbles in place, but he is always ready to defend Guido from the bullies who regularly harass him or to repair whatever he breaks. Gualtiero is a security, a friend like that never leaves you in trouble. One day the two make a blood pact: if ever one of them is in danger, the other will come to the rescue, always and forever. But Guido’s mother is not exactly happy about this new friendship and forbids him to hang out with his friend in the future, southerners and also violent. At the end of the holidays they return to Venice, and Guido will join a classical high school, the first step towards a bright future. When Guido tell this to Gualtiero, obeying like a little soldier to his mother, the friend with an involuntary spasm breaks the neck of a bunny he was holding in his arms. They don’t know it, but perhaps they have already taken the first wrong turn at the first crossroads of their young lives.


Cosimo Alemà


Emma Film