Feature Film / Drama

Fish and Chips

Three European stories of migration meet in a country crushed by the financial crash of 2008: Ireland. Charles, known as Charles, emigrated to Ireland from southern Lazio in the 1970s. He owns a Fish and Chips restaurant, above which he trains young boxers in a improvised gym. 

His niece, Ida, unemployed in Italy, follows in her uncle’s footsteps thirty years later, leaving her family and the suburbs of Frosinone. Marcin is a young Polish man who, after his country joins the European Union, ends up working on an Irish farm.  A portrait of Europe during the economic recession and three personal intertwined stories that serve as metaphors for Italy, Ireland and Poland, all united by the Catholic tradition, the centrality of family and the cyclical nature of having to leave one’s own country.


The project is supported by the 2022 CREA MEDIA European co-development fund.


Giulio Squillacciotti author and director and the Irish screenwriter Mark Noonan met during the Irish Fest held in Casalattico, in the Italian province of Frosinone. Here they had the opportunity to interview local people, enriching the narrative with realistic and personal details. This initial exchange of ideas allowed them to start working on the screenplay remotely, limiting costs. 

Then, the scriptwriters met in Berlin for an intensive work session, which ended in the finalisation of the first draft of the script. The collaboration continued with regular revisions of the work over the next few months. 

The project is supported by ‘Creative Europe – Media Program‘, a European Union initiative that promotes the development of cultural and creative projects with international potential. This programme provides funding for the development and co-production of film and audiovisual works, encouraging collaboration between different European countries. The award of this grant provides essential support for the development and production of ‘Fish & Chips‘.

This award gives us the opportunity to move forward with confidence, with additional resources, to the realisation of the feature film.


In late October 2023, the Irish co-producer also participated in the Screen Ireland fund, the Irish national film industry development organisation, which provides additional funding and support for projects that highlight Irish culture and promote local talent.


The detailed scheduling of the filming was performed in early 2024, based on observations collected during the visit to the Irish Fest and interviews done on site. Moreover, a production plan has been developed considering the historical and geographical settings in Italy, Ireland and Poland, with the aim of capturing the essence of the stories told. The expectation is that ‘Fish & Chips‘ will offer a deep and moving perspective on migration experiences and family dynamics in the context of the economic crisis, reflecting the challenges and hopes of people seeking better opportunities abroad. Winning the Creative Europe call for proposals and promoting international collaboration allows us to pursue this goal with more vigour and creativity.

We will continue working to complete the film and share it with a larger audience, highlighting the authentic and human stories that ‘Fish & Chips‘ aims to narrate.


Co-funded by the ‘’Creative Europe Programme – MEDIA of the European Union’’


Giulio Squillacciotti


Emma Film, Wildcat Pictures, Lava Film